8 Things About Recycling Water

Recycling water could alleviate some of China’s water challenges. Yet, only 10% of its treated wastewater is recycled. Not sure what reclaimed water is? Check out China Water Risk’s 8 things you should know … more


Arcadis Sustainable Cities - Water Index 2016

Cities & their waterscapes face challenges. In Arcadis’ inaugural water index of 50 cities 9/12 Asian cities are in the bottom half. Arcadis’ Batten expands … more


  • New CWR Report! Toward Water Risk Valuation
    China Water Risk publishes report 'Toward Water Risk Valuation - Investor Feedback on Various Methodologies Applied to 10 Energy ListCo's'
  • UNFCCC Climate Change Conference
    7-18 November, 2016

    The event will focus on fleshing out decisions struck at COP21 and necessary actions with the ratification of the Paris Agreement … more



    The recent Soil Ten Plan completes China’s pollution action plan trifecta. See which industries are hit & how tight deadlines are … more


    See what 70+ investors have to say on different valuation approaches we applied to 10 listed energy stocks. What are their key concerns?… more


    Savvy investors are now aware of the importance of water as a business risk, despite this there is still no global sustainability reporting standard …more


    The rapid depletion of aquifers is a systemic business risk. Earth Security’s review of 75 of Co’s show that understanding of what to do is low… more


    Have leading fashion brands upped their sustainability actions in the past year? Who is leading the pack & who is lagging behind? CWR revisits… more


    The rare earth black market is an open secret & China’s environment has suffered. Has your smartphone come from this dirty secret?…more



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