Financing Innovation from Indonesia

Green finance is high on agendas. The Tropical Landscape Finance Facility is a new model for just such. How does this work? We sat down with Genasci, CEO of ADM Capital Foundation, to find out … more


Financing Water Resilience - Climate Bonds For China

Climate bonds are rapidly growing but there’s verification concerns & gaps for water-related investments. A new approved standard for water bonds tackles these, hear from some of its creators … more


  • New CWR Report! Toward Water Risk Valuation
    China Water Risk publishes report 'Toward Water Risk Valuation - Investor Feedback on Various Methodologies Applied to 10 Energy ListCo's'
  • 4th China Social Investment Forum (SIF) Conference
    Dec 6 2016

    Catching the Green Finance Wave this 4th SIF will tackle the role of investors; CWR to co-host a panel … more



    Even if all pledges made at COP21 are carried out, global staple crops face increased failures. See more findings & solutions from MIT… more


    Power is China’s largest industrial water use. Can unconventional water sources be the answer? What are the challenges?… more


    Business linkages with SDG 6 was a key issue at World Water Week 2016. See what leading F&B companies at the event said about this… more


    Check out the status of heavy metals and agriculture in China. What crops are exposed? Which industries are being called-out to clean up?… more


    Future Fashion & ‘Beautiful China’, will they be together forever or will China’s clean-up & more stringent regulations end this relationship?… more


    China’s cloud addiction is water thirsty & energy hungry. Are greener data centres the way forward? Or do individual habits need to change?… more



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