An Answer to Floods - Sponge Cities

Floods have cost China close to RMB2 trn between 2000-2014. Today, with 641 cities prone to flood risk, the Chinese govt has turned to sponge city pilots. Do they work? How much do they cost? CWR reviews … more


defra taking action - UK flood threat

Anne Freeman, coastal erosion policy lead at UK’s Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs talks to CWR on the UK’s greatest threat & why the UK is spending GBP2.3 bn in flood defence … more


  • Call for participation – Financial valuation of water risks of 10 energy listco’s
    Act now! Sign up for the results survey.
  • Singapore International Water Week
    10-14 July, 2016

    Attend SIWW to talk with industry players on the latest water innovations … more



    Plastic mulch films help grow crops but also pollute the soil. BASF’s Staerke on the situation in China & their new biodegradable film… more


    Water risks are omnipresent but yet their financial valuation is still missing. CWR’s Thieriot on existing initatives, gaps & numbers… more


    Planning a Christmas feast? Sophie le Clue on why you need to make sure your fish & seafood are sustainable if you want more in the future… more


    GCP’s Van Ast & GIZ’s Dettling on the applications & benefits of their water credit risk tool for investors & banks. Cases show mining most exposed… more


    Fashion is on a clean-up and go circular mission. CWR’s McGregor shares 3 reasons why she’s feeling positive it can achieve this mission… more


    MSCI’s Chew & Wang on changes in China that mean Environment, Social & Governance factors will play bigger role in investing… more



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