5 Facts Crop Failure & Water Risk

In 2016 China suffered 44 million tonnes of crop failure due to droughts and floods. Check out China Water Risk Leung’s five facts to get the latest info and see which regions are most at risk … more


Droughts Misery In Slow Motion

Floods and storm surges are sensational disasters but the World Bank’s new report shows droughts can actually be more impactful. We sat down with their Richard Damania to find out more … more


  • CWR guest authors new CLSA report: “Toxic Phones: China controls the core”
    The report examines risks associated with highly polluting & toxic minerals which lie at the phone's interactive core
  • International Water Summit
    15-18 January 2018

    Witness & learn more on the latest innovative tech in this leading event for promoting water sustainability in arid regions … more



    China is trying to develop a green credit rating system: what is the role of publicly available environmental data? Which province is leading?… more


    Water stress across 54% of China worsened in 2001-2010: what are the key drivers of this trend? What actions are local governments taking?… more


    Moutai has a 90% profit margin & stocks have soared recently; given upstream pollution woes, what could environmental costs mean for this?… more


    In China, polluting industries are being shutdown but how are local economies impacted?  Find out from the cement industry in Hebei… more


    With lots going on in fashion, see hopeful & fearful trends plus what is forcing the industry to develop a new relationship with pollution… more


    Apple is leading smartphone giants in greening its raw material supply chain but how can it improve? How about rare earth recycling?… more



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