Sustainability - Where Are The Top Fashion Brands

Given tighter regulations for textiles in China, we review environmental initiatives of 10 top fashion brands from fast fashion to luxury. Are they looking beyond CSR to make their business more sustainable? … more


Less Food More Waste

China’s new plan on grain supply and storage says saving grain means saving water. CWR’s Hu mulls challenges & opportunities in reducing food waste in a hungry future … more


  • HSBC: No Water, More Trade-Offs
    24 Aug 2015 - HSBC using CWR's analysis releases new report on managing China's economic growth with limited water
  • World Water Week 2015
    26 August, 2015

    We are co-convening a seminar with HSBC, “Rethinking water for growth: balancing trade, resource allocation & economy” … more



    How does the ‘Made in China 2025′ policy fit with other ‘Future China’ plans? CWR’s Tan on industries which made the various lists & implications of that… more


    China has become a global leader in renewable energy but still wind & solar are set to soar; but expansion could intensify little talked about but toxic hidden water risks… more


    Ever rising consumption coupled with limited resources can’t be sustained; in short a circular economy is a must-do. CWR”s Thieriot on China’s move in this direction… more


    With the coal regulatory landscape getting more & more stringent it is time for coal mines to clear the waters & shed more transparency on their activities. CWR expands… more


    With the new ‘Water Ten Plan’, China’s War on Water Pollution is at its peak & the textile industry is among the industries that will be hit the hardest. CWR’s Hu on this… more


    20-50 mn metric tonnes of electronic waste generated annually; 70% global electronic waste is dumped in China. How is China dealing with this highly toxic waste?… more



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