Brand Rankings Through A Chinese Lens

See how global and local brands rank across 8 sectors in terms of their supply chain’s environmental impact in this review of the new Corporate Information Transparency Index (CITI) report by IPE & NRDC … more


Cotton Farming - How Deep is Your Well

Can cotton flourish in water scarce areas? Cotton Connect’s Lort-Phillips on how to extract more crop per drop and why brands need to do more than address water at a farm level in China … more


  • Dirty Thirsty Fashion: Blindsided by China’s Water Wars
    New CLSA U® Bluebook warns of how the US$1.7 trillion fashion industry could be blindsided by China's policies to ensure water security
  • CSR Asia Summit 2014
    16 - 17 September 2014

    Hong Kong – join the leading CSR conference in Asia where 500 delegates will gather to discuss the latest innovations & most pressing sustainability topics and trends … more



    Toxicologist Dr. Tan Qiaoguo from Xiamen University, laments over the amount of heavy metals carried by China’s rivers into her coastal waters…more


    Is planning to build 28 inland nuclear power plants wise? Wen Bo, policy & media advisor to National Geographical Society on concerns over water…more


    China needs to carefully balance food & product production given its limited water resources. What should it choose: beef vs. Ipad? Chicken vs. cotton?…more


    China Water Risk explains why water drives coal reform & how the Water-for-Coal plan & circular economy will help, given coal is here to stay…more


    Greenpeace’s Ada Kong on the chemistry of textiles and your exposure to endocrine disrupting chemicals of which there are almost 800 but only around 1/5 are under regulation…more


    Reports from Chinese NGOs show that IT suppliers are still discharging heavy metals into China’s freshwater lakes. Should we think twice before we upgrade our gadgets?…more



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