2018 Green Finance Cinference 5 trends

Stay on top of China’s green finance trends & opportunities with our 5 key highlights from China’s Green Finance Committee Annual Conference, from disclosure and ERA to One Belt One Road … more


10CSR Trends in China 2018

2018 is a landmark year for China on numerous fronts – what does this mean for CSR? SynTao highlights key trends to watch out for from their new report, including the Greater Bay Area & mandatory disclosure … more


  • New CWR Report! China Prioritises Environment: More Disclosure Needed To Match Rising Risks
    What is the status of Chinese co’s disclosure on the “E” of ESG?
  • Industrial Water Leaders Forum (Aquatech China)
    31 May 2018

    What opportunities & challenges does the Water Ten bring for the water sector? Find out with CWR in Shanghai … more



    Is the fish we eat really from the ocean? How polluting is fish farming? See 8 must-knows on aquaculture that will make you re-think the future of fish… more


    Power is China’s largest industrial water user but can unconventional water sources e.g. mine water help alleviate water stress?… more


    Bright Dairy & Food, a Chinese dairy mega company used water footprint assessments to better water stewardship. Check out how they did this… more


    China is the largest global supplier of many critical raw materials but could growing  demand mean it becomes a net importer soon?… more


    Groundwater is over-extracted to grow cotton. As the world’s largest importer of cotton, is it China’s fault? Or is fast fashion to blame?… more


    IPE’s 4th Annual CITI Evaluation Results have been released. Which sectors are doing best? Which brands are taking the lead?… more



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