Groundwater Under Pressure

New official survey says that China’s groundwater quality has yet again deteriorated. Can the Water Ten Plan turn this around? Who will be affected? Find out what’s at stake & why the next 5 years are crucial … more


World Water Forum - 5 Takeways

See what tops our list of key takeaways from the 2015 World Water Forum in South Korea. From bottled water to ‘green hydropower’ and transboundary issues – where does China stand? … more


  • China’s Circular Economy Plans for 2015
    14 April 2015, NDRC issued plan for China's move to a circular economy in 2015; details resource specific actions & targets for industry, agri & others
  • World Hydropower Congress 2015
    19-21 May, 2015

    International Hydropower Association will host the gathering of hydropower decision-makers and professionals … more



    The “UGH factor” is high 3/5 of China’s sown area exposed to 85% of the nation’s heavy metal discharge. What crops are exposed? Which industries have to clean-up?…more


    China has no choice but to pursue energy savings if it is to grow its economy and continue to urbanise as both are thirsty and power hungry (which means even more water)…more


    When climate events occur losses are propagated through the supply chain meaning companies dependent on agri commodities are strongly impacted…more


    Coal will remain important to secure China’s energy supply given increasing energy demand. Professor Xie shares his views on the future of coal & energy strategies…more


    Centralised treatment with vague responsibilities & lax supervision in China’s textile sector is shifting risks beyond the factory. IPE’s Ma Yingying on this…more


    Competition for water is growing more intense & climate change is increasing water scarcity meaning companies can’t always buy what they need. Deloitte’s Sarni expands…more



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