5 Takeaways from Aquatech China 2014

How real is China’s war on pollution? Will it translate into a growing domestic water market? See what local & foreign industrial leaders have to say in Shanghai … more


China's Membrane Rush - Foreign vs Local

Tom Freyberg, Chief Editor at Water & Wastewater International, reviews the oppotunities for Chinese & Foreign companies in China’s membrane technology market … more


  • Coal Environmental Cost: 2.3x Environmental Protection Expense
    Coal's environmental costs in 2010 reaches RMB555.54 billion related with public health, deforestation, groundwater pollution ...
  • 2014 World Water Week – Energy & Water
    31 Aug - 5 Sept, 2014

    CWR will deliver keynote at this year’s Stockholm Water Prize & co-convenes seminar on coal-fired power with ADB, WRI … more



    With 14 priority provinces highlighted for heavy metal pollution clean up, check out what crops are exposed to which heavy metal …more


    Power is vital but with over 46,000 dams & counting, 19 local NGOs say China needs to rethink its clean energy strategy before the 13 FYP …more


    Oxfam’s Magrath & Morris-Iveson on why local water resource management is key to disaster response & climate change adaptation at a local communty level …more


    Fraudulent & substandard EIA reporting persist. How does China’s EIA process compare to the US & HK? We examine the reforms in store for companies & EIA assesors…more


    Pollution violations by textile manufacturers are still rampant. With the latest report focusing on dyeing and finishing, see which brands have managed to stay on top and which brands are slammed …more


    20-50 million metric tons of electronic waste generated annually of which 70%  is dumped in China. Can China move these montains of waste or will heavy metal pollution persist …more



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