Insights From Chinas Textile Manufacturers

We share 5 key takeaways from our new report based on a survey of 85 Chinese textile manufacturers; see their challenges & wants to move to a clean & circular model … more


Best Practice Industrial Water Management

The HSBC Water Programme for Industrial Water Management is now complete. We sat down again with Hong Kong Productivity Council’s Dr Anthony Ma to get key takeaways & what factories can do on water … more


  • Revised ‘Water Pollution Prevention and Control Law’ Approved
    China's approved new water law will come into effect 1 Jan 2018. See what the changes mean for you
  • World Water Week 2017
    27 Aug–1 Sep, 2017

    This year’s theme is “Water and Waste – Reduce and Reuse’: come discuss the future of Made In China fashion with us in Stockholm! … more



    As China embarks on its 13th Five Year Period (13FYP), how have provinces fared in their efforts to meet their 12FYP water quality targets?… more


    Upgrading equipment & new energy recovery tech can cut carbon emissions in China by 15.7mt – see how this can be more widely adopted… more


    The Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau has shrunk 15% over the last 3 decades; is bottling glacial water threatening the source of Asia’s rivers?… more


    Global clean energy & smart tech has grown thanks to China’s rare earths but can this continue with rising domestic demand in China?… more


    With a shifting regulatory landscape moving against textile industry pollution, is there room for fast fashion in a ‘Beautiful China’?…more


    Science & policy have their own language but given significant climate risk overshadowed by fake news, can we afford to speak in tongues?… more



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