Water Risk Valuations - What Investors Say

See what 70+ investors have to say on different valuation approaches we applied to 10 energy stocks listed across 4 exchanges. Is there consensus? What are they most worried about? … more


Banking in the Age of Water Risk

Are water risks and their potential impacts factored in by banks? Or is ‘water exposure’ just the water used in their office buildings & branches? Tan says prudence dictates we must start to waterproof portfolios … more


  • New CWR Report! Toward Water Risk Valuation
    China Water Risk publishes report 'Toward Water Risk Valuation - Investor Feedback on Various Methodologies Applied to 10 Energy ListCo's'
  • CSR Asia Summit 2016
    28 - 29 September, 2016

    The 2016 Summit returns to Hong Kong with a focus on sustainability leadership and identifying business solutions though new & innovative sustainability strategies … more



    China’s irrigation needs water equivalent to the flow of the Pearl River. See why investment in irrigation is key for food & water security … more


    By 2020, China could add 2TW of installed capacity – Is this magnitude of power expansion manageable with its limited water resources?… more


    WRI has updated its Baseline Water Stress – China Map. Hear from its developers on the updates and how it differs from the BWS-Global Map…more


    Global clean energy & smart tech has grown thanks to China’s rare earths. CWR’s Liu on if this can continue given the heavy pollution & more… more


    China, the world’s major textile manufacturer, wants to close the loop in fashion. Hear from circular fashion innovators on their developments… more


    The Yangtze River is key to China. See strategies from the CWR-MEP FECO Brief on how to find the right mix of water-nomics along the river…more



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