China's Pursuit of Energy Savings

Our report “Towards A Water & Energy Secure China” shows that billions of cubic metres of water can be saved via energy savings. See why China has no choice but to pursue this strategy … more


China - Not Ready to Move Away From Coal

Professor Xie Kechang, Vice President of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, on the future role of coal, strategies to ensure energy security & challenges ahead for coal-to-chemicals … more


  • Towards A Water & Energy Secure China
    15 April 2015, China Water Risk publishes report 'Towards A Water & Energy Secure China - Tough choices lie ahead in power expansion with limited water'
  • 7th World Water Forum
    12-17 April, 2015

    15 Apr – China Water Risk & China Int’l Water Law hosts seminar on “Asia’s Transboundary Water-Energy-Climate Challenge” … more



    Water and farmlands in China are mismatched. Get the latest update on agriculture & water and see how multiple polices are set to ensure food safety & security…more


    China’s hydro capacity can be 500GW by 2050. This is nearly double the installed capacity of India today. Can we avoid tapping transboundary rivers and starting water wars?…more


    Unclear responsibilities & standards and varied monitoring treatment mean China’s water sources are not protected enough. Are China’s watersheds at risk? …more


    Aggressive water savings in the whole coal chain must be made but China’s spend in water-in-mining is low. More investment is needed to quench China’s coal thirst  …more


    China is stepping up the enforcement of pollution violations. Lack of clean water poses existential threats to the US$1.7 trillion global fashion industry…more


    Current centralised treatment plans still allow enterprises to pollute but the pending ‘Water Ten’ plan is expected to change that. Risks will shift beyond the factory wall…more



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