Small Hydro The Future Is Green

We talked to Director-General of the International Center on Small Hydro Power. Prof. Dr. Heng Liu on small hydro in China & its role in China’s power mix to ensure energy security & combat climate change … more


Does Coal Always Mean Water Stress Along With Economic Growth

WRI’s Fu, Zhong & Wang investigate how Ningxia manages water resources to develop coal. See strategies to minimise water stress & allow economic growth … more


  • WRI: Water Risk Analysis & Recommendations for Water Resources Management in Ningxia (partnered with CWR)
    Balancing water for economic development
  • 2015 UN Climate Change Conference
    30 Nov - 11 Dec 2015

    The aim of the conference is to achieve a universal agreement on climate change below +2°C … more



    Plastic mulch films help grow crops but pollute the soil. BASF’s Staerke on the pollution from films, the situation in China & their new film … more


    China is trying to reduce use of fossil fuels. International Rivers’ Mang says there is no need to sacrifice China’s arteries to save her lungs… more


    Bottled water doesn’t guarantee better quality than tap water with antibiotics & other chemicals present; plus it has a big environmental impact. CWR’s Liu expands…more


    Coal will remain important to China. Prof Xie Kechang, VP of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, on coal’s future & strategies to ensure energy security… more


    Balancing food & energy security may cause China to reconsider how it manages its water resources. HSBC’s Wai-Shin Chan what tough trade-offs may lie ahead… more


    Packaging is a USD400 bn market. Paper packaging discharges a similar amount of wastewater as coal in China; there is not enough recycling. CWR’s Hu expands… more



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