The State of Agriculture

China’s limited water and arable land plus rampant pollution raises concerns over food safety & food security. Get the latest update on agriculture & water and see why these policies matter … more


Water Pollution Could Lead to More Trade

Upon publishing “No Water, No Food: ensuring food safety & food security in China”, HSBC’s Wai-Shin Chan tells us why China’s war on pollution & the need for self-sufficiency may result in more agri trade … more


  • HSBC: No Water, No Food? Ensuring Food Safety & Security
    18 March 2014: China Water Risk & HSBC issued report on China's agricultural sector
  • AIDF and ESCAP Water Security: Asia 2014
    23-24 April 2014

    AIDF summits are dedicated to uniting leading experts in water security, creating a sharing platform … more



    Syngenta explains why training smallholders is key & introduces cost effective irrigation measures which reduce water use by up to 60%…more


    International Rivers explains why China’s 12FYP favors risky dams over climate resilience and why this is a maladaptation to climate change…more


    Can we meet the rising global food demand given the challenge of climate change? Dr. Read key takeaways from Dr. Shenggen Fan, director general of the IFPRI…more


    Although Shenhua aims to reduce its per ton water intensity from 10 m³ to 6 m³, Greenpeace still has concerns about its future expansion plans & unresolved violations…more


    As one of the world’s top 10 toxic polluters, the leather industry needs to think “business unusual” and choose less water-intensive options during its production processes…more


    Do you know cloud computing consumes more electricity than the total generation of India? See how water thirsty & energy hungry our internet surfing can be…more



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