China State of Environment Review 2014

China’s overall environmental quality in 2014 was “average”, but with polluters tampering with monitoring, can we even believe this data? We take a closer look at the mixed news … more


Chinas New Era of ESG

China’s economy is slowing with challenges arising from ESG factors. MSCI’s Chew & Wang on pollution fines, anti-corruption crackdowns & more from their report. Investors need to be prepared … more


  • China Water Risk is a 2015 GLASA Finalist
    We are one of five finalists for the 2015 Global Leadership Award in Sustainable Apparel to be held on August 27 at World Water Week in Stockholm
  • World Water Week 2015
    26 August, 2015

    We are co-convening a seminar with HSBC, “Rethinking water for growth: balancing trade, resource allocation & economy” … more



    Soil pollution has only surfaced after many years, which has contributed to China’s lack of experience to clean dirty soil, according to Gao Shengda from CERA…more


    Award-winning photographer Lu Guang shares his journey in documenting environmental pollution in China, like the life of & fight by members of cancer villages… more


    How does Made in China 2025 fit with other ‘Future China’ plans? CWR’s Tan on which industries made the various lists and what the implications & consequences are… more


    In light of depressing statistics on soil & water pollution, CWR’s Tan gives us 5 reasons to stay optimistic, some of which are the new law & more government disclosure…more


    Design decisions account for 80-90% of economic & environ costs so educating designers is key to sustainability. Redress CEO Dean on this & the EcoChic Design Award…more


    Ever rising consumption coupled with limited resources can’t be sustained; in short a circular economy is a must-do in China. CWR’s Thieriot how this is being led…more



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