China's Economy - Linear to Circular

China is the 3rd country globally to enact polices to move towards a circular economy. See how & why China needs to make this transition; which industries are affected, what is the role of industrial parks? … more


Made in China 2025

How does the new Made in China 2025 Action Plan fit with other ‘Future China’ plans? Are the ten industries in Made in China 2025 the same as the Circular Economy Ten? Find out why which list matters … more


  • ‘Made in China 2025’
    8 May 2015, State Council issued the 'Made in China 2025 Action Plan' that aims to increase China’s manufacturing competitiveness & identifies 10 key sectors
  • 2015 International Water Resources & Environment Conference
    25-27 July, 2015

    Platform to exchange the most recent scientific & technological advances … more



    China’s agri production isn’t currently sustainable but the Water Ten Action Plan tackles concerns & challenges that could change this & future opportunities…more


    Given ‘bad’ & ‘very badly’ polluted groundwater increased from 2011-2014 it’s not surprising the Water Ten Plan sets strict groundwater targets; next five years key…more


    The Water Ten could deliver safe drinking water with water source protection & urban water protection targets. If China achieves this, what happens to bottled water?…more


    China is improving coal mine water reuse but there still needs to be more transparency & consistency in disclosure to move all of China to more efficient mining…more


    China’s Water Ten Plan Action Plan sets fast & furious actions & targets to fight pollution. Find out who’s impacted & why; plus closing loopholes & tight timelines… more


    Water risks are rising on agendas yet action taken by corporates does not match the risk, leaving them exposed. 58% in CDP survey without a public commitment to water… more



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