Alleviating Water Scarcity in Cuba

UNESCO-IHE’s Dr. Vazquez on how Cuba is alleviating its water scarcity issues through wastewater reuse, use of seawater and pilots in Cuba’s growing tourism sector to ensure “Mas Agua Para Todos” … more


Urban Water-Energy  Strategies

With rising urbanisation and the need for more water & power in Chinese cities, water & sustainability expert, Robert Brears shares some price & non-price management tools to better manage urban demands … more


  • Coal Environmental Cost: 2.3x Environmental Protection Expense
    Coal's environmental costs in 2010 reaches RMB555.54 billion related with public health, deforestation, groundwater pollution ...
  • 2014 World Water Week – Energy & Water
    31 Aug - 5 Sept, 2014

    CWR will deliver keynote at this year’s Stockholm Water Prize & co-convenes seminar on coal-fired power with ADB, WRI … more



    MEP says the ‘overall environmental quality was average’ but a closer look reveals mixed news, such as groundwater continues to worsen…more


    Ron Dizy, CEO of ENBALA talks us through how the company uses water systems, instead of more electricity to balance the grid & intermittent renewable power…more


    Biotech, new materials & trade could be the way forward to alleviate water stress in China’s agriculture sector and ensure future supply. Check them out…more


    ICMM’s Anne-Marie Fleury on whether the coal industry could be blindsided by water –  ”Water is one of the top ranking issues that comes up in ICMM’s analysis” …more


    Greenpeace’s report shows it doesn’t matter where in the world you shop & pretty much who  from when it comes to chemicals in clothing. See what a consumer has to say….more


    Cloud computing consumes 623 TWh of electricity annually – more than all electricity generated in India. This means a lot of energy production, which means a lot of water …more



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