5 Water Must Knows Tarim River

The Tarim River Basin is relatively unknown despite its strategic importance as China’s ‘Water Tower’ with 41% of its ice. China Water Risk’s Feng Hu shares 5 water facts we need to know about the Tarim … more


River Flows in me Zhejiang Reflections v.2

China Water Risk’s Feng Hu shares his childhood experiences with rivers in Zhejiang and laments the pollution now; but as government & business marry economic decisions with water, things are looking up … more


  • CWR guest authors new CLSA report: “Toxic Phones: China controls the core”
    The report examines risks associated with highly polluting & toxic minerals which lie at the phone's interactive core
  • Amsterdam International Water Week
    30 Oct - 3 Nov, 2017

    This year’s theme is ‘Water…and nine billion people’ – join to find out latest solutions & share your views with 25,000 experts … more



    China’s irrigated areas need as much water as the flow of the Pearl River. See 8 reasons why business & investors should invest in irrigation… more


    By 2050, China’s hydro is expected to reach 500GW but can we avoid a hyro war over this transboundary hydropower expansion? … more


    Food security is key to China with 120mn ha of dedicated farmland but will climate change and land & water constraints challenge this? … more


    China controls the 14 elements (incl. rare earths) at the toxic core of our smartphones but is running out; who will supply the rest of the world?… more


    Hear from 85 China’s textile manufacturers on their challenges and what help they need to transition to a clean & circular model…more


    As China tightens control over critical raw materials key to smartphone interactions, brands face transitional risks. Who’s taking action?… more



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