8 Behavioural Guidelines For a More Sustainable China

China is moving to more sustainable development including how she behaves, like more walking, less meat and less golf. Here are China Water Risks’s 8 favourite behavioural guides from China. … more


Environmental Law - A New Era

Prof Wang Canfa from the University of Political Science &Law in Beijing thinks China’s environmental law system is relatively perfect system & that the amended environment law marks a new era … more


  • China’s Long March To Safe Drinking Water
    2 March, 2015 - China Water Risk & chinadialogue release report on the true status of China’s urban and rural drinking water
  • 7th World Water Forum
    12-17 April, 2015

    The 7th World Water Forum 2015 will be held under the theme of ‘Water for Our future’ in South Korea … more



    The “UGH factor” is high – 14 Key Provinces identified in the 12FYP for Heavy Metal Pollution Control account for 60% of China’s sown lands…more


    With an increasing focus on “water and power” check out China’s 8 game-changing policies impacting the two sectors…more


    Andy Wales, Global Head of Sustainability at SABMiller tells us why measuring their water footprint is important and their plans to reduce it…more


    There is no doubt: a mine without a secure water supply is a high-risk investment. More on this and what it means from GWI’s Olivia Jensen…more


    Centralised treatment with vague responsibilities & lax supervision shifts risks beyond textile factories in China, IPE’s Ma Yingying…more


    For a long time, it has been cheaper for business to pollute than to pay for wastewater treatment. Now, it looks like this will come to an end…more



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