5 Regulatory Trends - From Enforcement to Finance (2)

Since 2016, China’s environmental policy landscape has undergone a series of important changes. CWR’s Xu summarises key regulations & 5 trends you need to know, from greater enforcement to green finance … more


Fall of Cement - A Painful Transition

In China, polluting industries are being shutdown but how are local economies impacted? Zhang Chun from chinadialogue on Yi’an’s cement industry in Hebei, where one plant remains from 100+ previously … more


  • AWS & CWR to Jointly Promote Good Water Stewardship In Chinese River Basins
    16 Jan, 2017 - We are pleased to announce our new partnership with AWS
  • Intl Symposium on The Cryosphere in a Changing Climate
    12-17 February, 2017

    CWR’s Feng Hu will present on the water-nomics of the Hindu-Kush–Himalayas region … more



    Water stewardship is gaining attention but there has been little evolution from business-as-usual. Hear from IUCN on why & what needs to change…more


    See what 70+ investors have to say on water risk valuation and the current related tools, which we tested on 10 listed Chinese energy stocks…more


    Savvy investors are now aware of the importance of water as a business risk, despite this there is still no global sustainability reporting standard… more


    Areas along the Yangtze River dominate production but at what cost? We explore strategies to find the right mix of water & economic development…more


    ‘Beautiful China’ & future fashion – will they be together forever or will China’s clean-up & more stringent regulations spell the end of this relationship?…more


    China is one of the largest e-waste producers with>6mt/year. Faced with mountains of it, Green Initiatives launched the [WE] project in Shanghai…more



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