Still Exposed - Fashion Materials in China

With 32% to 75% of global hides, wool, cotton, chemical fibre and silk either produced in or passing through China via imports, exposure is sky high. China Water Risk’s Tan expands on the future of the industry … more


CWR 2015 GLASA Award Takeaways

The theme of the Global Leadership Award in Sustainable Apparel (GLASA) this year was water. Pratibha Syntex won though CWR was honoured to be a finalist. CWR’s McGregor & Hu share their takeaways … more


  • Bottled Water In China – Boom Or Bust?
    24 Sep 2015 - New CWR report explores if China’s bottled water market can continue to boom despite China's water woes
  • 2015 UN Climate Change Conference
    30 November - 11 December, 2015

    The conference should lead to a universal agreement on climate change … more



    Future food demand is high. China wants to save grain losses from farm to fork. But are we ready for real change? CWR’s Feng Hu takes a look to see… more


    Agri & coal-related industries are the 2 largest users of water. China’s coal mines lie next to its farmlands. Can it save enough water in agri to fuel coal growth?… more


    What are consumer attitudes towards bottled water consumption & plastic waste in HK? 53% of surveyed are bottled water drinkers. Civic Exchanges’ Lao expands… more


    CDP’s Gillespy shares key findings of their latest report & why it shows a clear case for corporate water reporting in China with co’s citing opportunities… more


    Where are the top fashion brands on sustainability, water & more? CWR’s McGregor & Wong reviews 10 top fashion brands’ latest environmental disclosure… more


    Report authors Hart, Ma et al. from Renmin University say a new Chinese consumer & government needs for more sustainability means firms need to evolve… more



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