Drinking Water Faces The Big Test Feature Image

In wake of the upcoming ‘Water Pollution Prevention & Control Action Plan’ China Water Risk & chinadialogue investigated the true status of China’s urban and rural drinking water … more


Will Energy Bases Drain the Yelllow River

The Deputy Director of the Center for Water Resources Research at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Prof. Jia Shaofeng shares his views on how water demand by China’s energy bases can be met … more


  • China’s Long March To Safe Drinking Water
    2 March, 2015 - China Water Risk & chinadialogue release report on the true status of China’s urban and rural drinking water
  • 7th World Water Forum
    12-17 April, 2015

    The 7th World Water Forum 2015 will be held under the theme of ‘Water for Our future’ in South Korea … more



    China leads in mitigation funding but falls short on flood control spend despite the loss of ~222mt of crops & ~28% of farmland flooded during 2005-2013…more


    World Resources Institute analysis shows China’s desal strategy’s need for enormous power would cost more than most cities can afford…more


    Agri dependent companies are vulnerable to climate events but uncertainty around climate forecasting hinders adoption of it into supply chains…more


    According to Li Junfeng, unlike oil, China cannot import water to develop. As such it is water availability that will determine its future energy mix…more


    China’s lack of clean water poses an existential threat to the US$1.7 trillion global fashion industry. The only way to ensure growth is by becoming a circular economy…more


    Actions of others within watersheds directly impact its users be they a factory or municipal. Collective action is the only way to safeguard water…more



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