Water Risks Affect Us All

Regardless of whether we care for the environment, we have come to a point where water risks affect us all – as businesses, as investors and ultimately as individuals.

China Water Risk is a non-profit initiative dedicated to highlighting these risks.

We hope that once businesses, investors and individuals get the ‘Big Picture’, they will adjust for these fundamental risks accordingly and by doing so, foster a more efficient and responsible use of China’s water resources.





The Economy Runs on Water

Water is so prevalent in our lives that we often take the availability of water for granted. In addition, we generally overlook the fact that our economy runs on water. Water is not only required for agriculture, it is essential for the generation of thermal power, washing of ores, production and manufacturing of metals, semiconductors, processed food, beverages, textiles, pulp, paper, packaging, chemicals and plastics.

Given that water is currently undervalued, water scarcity and pollution are not only environmental risks but fundamental business risks that affect the bottom-line. The lack of water could stifle future economic growth and threaten stability.

Since water is used differently by each sector, we have a adopted sector approach to water risk. Intelligence by sector, including sector peer group benchmarking, help businesses and investors navigate and mitigate these specific risks.

Water is often compared to oil, but unlike oil, there is no substitute for water.

More than Money


The lack of access to water and pollution does not just represent monetary risks for businesses and investors, they are also a threat to health and food security. Less obvious is the water energy nexus where 95.6% of China’s electric power requires water to generate. Finally, many of Asia’s rivers including the Brahmaputra, the Indus, and the Mekong start in China – if push comes to shove, will these be diverted?


Seek Knowledge

Since water risks will impact future decision making at many levels, we have a consolidated a library of knowledge and research on water issues for easy access in our REGULATIONSNETWORK and RESOURCES Sections.

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