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Advisory Panel

Our Advisory Panel is a collection of individuals who bring unique knowledge and skills that complement those of the China Water Risk team.  The Panel does not have formal responsibilities but provides intellectual capital on water risk in China, ensuring that the portal  remains effective in  reaching its target audience with timely and relevant information on china’s water risks. See who’s on our Advisory Panel more


The strength of China Water Risk (CWR) is its growing informal network of International, Hong Kong and China based organizations that share a common interest in policy development, corporate and community initiatives, and processes such as transparency and corporate disclosure as they relate to water issues globally and in China.

China Water Risk partners consists of  a range of diverse stakeholders in environmental protection , including, government agencies, non-governmental organizations, academia and international-organizations. See our Partners more


In addition to its own team, China Water Risk relies on contributing writers to provide expert opinions and up to date information on different aspects of China’s water crisis. As such we invite academics, investors, business managers, corporate leaders, industry experts and NGOs to provide a thoughtful perspective on critical issues facing China in the management of its water resources.  See who are our contributing writers more

China Water Risk Team

The China Water Risk Team is supported by ADM Capital Foundation and interns with a diverse background from university students to ex-bankers, marketing professionals and those working in the NGO industry. China Water Risk collaborated closely with Unison Creative to achieve the graphics and the development of this website. See the full team more