Vision & Mission



An investment and corporate universe that understands and responds to the inherent environmental and business risks of China’s water crisis, working together to ensure sustainable use of water resources.


To foster efficient and responsible use of China’s water resources by engaging the global investment and business community, civil society and individuals in understanding and managing China’s water risk.


  • Improved corporate disclosure of water data and metrics;
  • Robust investor due diligence around water issues to direct capital flows to projects which are better governed, sustainably managed and minimize environmental impacts; and
  • An engaged community of investors and businesses, among others, who want to understand and improve water resource management in China.


China Water Risk is a non-profit initiative designed to help investors, businesses and individuals understand and mitigate risk around water.

The China Water Risk web portal, launched in pilot form as The Asia Water Project  (AWP) in 2010 and then in its current form as China Water Risk in September 2011, offers access to relevant information on water issues and showcases up to date research, some of which is commissioned specifically for the site.

China Water Risk works closely with a growing network of water and industry experts and investors from China and Hong Kong as well as with others based internationally. Our network shares an interest in building knowledge that will lead to better management of China’s increasingly scarce water resources.

China Water Risk is funded and managed by Hong Kong-based ADM Capital Foundation and in its pilot stage was developed in collaboration with its founding partners, Civic Exchange, the Association for Social and Responsible Investing in Asia (ASrIA), Business for Social Responsibility (BSR), the Institute of Public and Environmental Affairs (IPE), and Responsible Research. More on our history in History & Rationale.