Contributor: Aihui Yang

Aihui Yang

About Aihui Yang

Project Manager of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) China. More than eight year project management experience, during which Yang has taken part in “HSBC Climate Partnership Programme” and “HSBC Water Programme” as a Senior Programme Manager: Play a key role in and contribute to the wetland restoration for water source protection, Shanghai Dalian Lake Mode, Work on the water resource management and wetland restoration for multi-donors such as HSBC, Ecolab, H&M and P&G; Promote to apply water footprint and water risk tools to the supply chain of Bright Dairy and the industrial park upgrade of Xixiashu Textile Park and Qiandeng Industrial Park; Organize to develop the multi-stakeholder engagement mechanism for better basin governance. In addition, Yang has plenty of work experience of financial and administrative management.

Water Stewardship: The Bright Dairy & Food Case

Chinese dairy mega company, Bright Dairy & Food, successfully used water footprint assessments to better water stewardship.Tongji University’s Hongtao Wang and Jin Xu along with WWF China’s Aihui Yang guide us through the case study … more

Water Stewardship In Industrial Parks: The Kunshan Case

Kunshan City ranked as China’s most developed county-level city but faces increasingly serious water challenges. Alliance for Water Stewardship’s Zhenzhen Xu, WWF’s Aihui Yang & Qiandeng Environmental Protection Bureau’s Dadi Feng share experiences from their industrial park water stewardship project … more



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