Contributor: Anne Freeman

Anne Freeman

About Anne Freeman

Anne has spent the past two years leading the Government workstreams in the novel and complex joint industry and Government programme to deliver Flood Re. This has involved putting in place the legislative framework, delivering key property tax data and developing Flood Re’s accountability to the UK Parliament. Anne also currently leads Defra’s policy on coastal erosion, improving property and community level resilience and is a trained manager of the national Emergency Operations Centre, which operates during strategically significant flooding. In her varied 20 year career, Anne has led diverse policy areas ranging from water quality, the environmental impacts of shale gas (fracking), to food, farming and trade. She has worked in the European Commission in Brussels, in operational areas which deliver directly to the public and in Whitehall.

UK Flood Threat: Defra Taking Action

Anne Freeman, coastal erosion policy lead at UK’s Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs talks to CWR on the UK’s greatest threat & why the UK is spending GBP2.3 bn in flood defence … more



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