Contributor: Annemieke Marsman

Annemieke Marsman

About Annemieke Marsman

Dr. Annemieke Marsman works as a senior geohydrologist for Deltares since 2008 on soil and groundwater quality. Modeling transport of groundwater contamination, multiphase flow and smart monitoring are her specialties. She is project manager for the projects on megasite approach in the harbor of Rotterdam, project manager on groundwater remediation for the foundation on remediation n for Dutch railways and coordinator of the PIB (Partners for International Business) program soil in China. Annemieke Marsman studied geophysics at the University of Utrecht with specialty on tectonophysics. After that she did her PhD on multiphase flow at Wageningen University. The behavior of LNAPL’s on a fluctuating groundwater level was studied. In 2003 she started working as geohydrologist for TNO. In 2008 the business unit on soil and groundwater systems, where she was employed, transferred to Deltares.

Soil & Water Pollution: Forecasting Impact

In the face of large scale soil and groundwater pollution a risk and megasite approach is best to remediate in a cost effective and sustainable manner. Deltares’ Dr. Annemieke Marsman outlines the strategy they developed … more



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