Contributor: Dr. Anthony Ma

Dr. Anthony Ma

About Dr. Anthony Ma

Anthony Ma, Principal Consultant of the Hong Kong Productivity Council. He has rich experience in water pollution control, water purification, water reclamation and water efficiency consultancy. Specialized in applied researches of different treatment technologies, like selective ion exchange, membrane filtration, chemical oxidation, anaerobic process, compact biological processes and membrane bioreactor to develop innovative solutions and systems.

Toward Better Industrial Water Management

The HSBC Water Programme for Industrial Water Management is now complete. We sat down again with Hong Kong Productivity Council’s Dr Anthony Ma to get key takeaways & what factories can do on water … more

Industrial Water: Meeting New Standards

Dr. Anthony Ma from Hong Kong Productivity Council introduces HSBC’s new programme to help industries meet water standards and calls for government support to the factories to install pollution control and efficiency improvement facilities that cost millions of yuan … more



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