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Ashely Hegland

About Ashely Hegland

Ashley Hegland has been working in the field of corporate sustainability for over thirteen years. Having spent the majority of those years working in the Asia-Pacific region, Mr. Hegland has been a leader in the region’s development of these emerging business disciplines. Based in Hong Kong, Mr. Hegland currently serves as Regional Director, Sustainability Practice for Edelman in Asia Pacific. Mr. Hegland helps corporate clients address complex business-society issues through strengthened dialogue and communications with NGOs, government, employees, customers, media and other critical stakeholders. Mr. Hegland joined Edelman in Hong Kong in May 2006 after having completed his MBA degree at the Schulich School of Business (York University) in Toronto, Canada, where he specialized in Business Strategy and Marketing.

Business & Society: Building Trust

Given pressing societal issues, companies are now expected to lead the change across their business value chain. Edelman’s Ashley Hegland on why businesses need to reprioritize value to include such societal benefits to build & maintain trust or face reputational brand damage … more



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