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Betsy Otto

About Betsy Otto

Betsy Otto is the Director of the Aqueduct project in the Markets and Enterprise Program Aqueduct is a global water risk assessment and mapping tool to inform private and public sector investment and water management decisions. Betsy leads the Aqueduct project and works with the Aqueduct team to build out the tool and use it to engage business, NGOs and governments for positive change in managing water resources worldwide. See for more information. Betsy also works with staff across WRI on its broader water-related work. Betsy has over 20 years experience working on water issues with the non-profit, business and government communities. She brings strong experience in water resource management, ecosystem protection, and urban water systems Over the past two decades she has worked to promote sound land and water planning and urban water infrastructure systems that incorporate upstream ecosystem services, green infrastructure designs in cities, and integrate drinking water, stormwater and wastewater management. Prior to joining WRI, Betsy developed successful clean water and water supply programs for American Rivers in Washington, DC, where she worked closely with mayors, utilities, federal agencies and Congress to promote smart water policies and drive public and private investment toward more sustainable water infrastructure solutions.

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