Contributor: Brendan Smith

Brendan Smith

About Brendan Smith

Brendan Smith is Water Programme Manager at The Gold Standard Foundation where he has led the development of The Water Benefit Standard, which takes a results based approach to the financing of water projects based upon the benefits they generate. With an honours degree in Environmental Science, prior to The Gold Standard Foundation Brendan was a consultant with the Fortune 500 company AECOM, where he advised public and private sector clients on natural resource management and policy and undertook extensive field work in aquatic ecology and native flora and fauna assessment. He began his career in the media and has a strong conviction that the clear communication of environmental issues is critical in the search for solutions.

Strong Governance: Greater Water Funding

Water lacks good governance. Gold Standard Foundation’s Smith on how the ‘Water Benefit Standard’ (a framework of evaluating water benefits) can help drive financing into water projects … more



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