Contributor: Charlene Ren

Charlene Ren

About Charlene Ren

Charlene Ren received her BA in physics from Vassar College and founded MyH2O during her dual master’s study in environmental engineering/technology & policy at MIT. She’s a proud vegetarian and environmentalist. She joined the China Youth Climate Action Network (CYCAN) in 2011, and has helped organize the annual International Youth Summit on Energy and Climate Change several times. In 2014, with the help of CYCAN and a class from MIT’s D-Lab, she initiated MyH2O, a water quality mapping network in China. Charlene is also an enthusiastic leader in other social causes. She actively supports feminism, and promotes the health of body and mind on campus. Her long-term goal is making a safe and clean environment a possibility for everyone in China through systematic management and community participation.

MyH2O – Test Your Water

To improve transparency, Charlene Ren set-up MyH2O, one of China’s first online crowdsourcing networks on drinking water quality. We sat down with Ren to learn more about their testing, interactive mapping platform and what’s next … more



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