Contributor: Prof. Wu Che

Prof. Wu Che

About Prof. Wu Che

Prof. CHE Wu is a professor of Beijing University of Civil Engineering And Architecture. He is also a committee member of Green Building Council (China GBC), and a committee member of the Committee of Landscape Architect of China GBC. His main research areas are urban rainfall and flood control and utilization, sponge city, water environment protection and restoration, and new drainage systems. In recent years, he has published more than 100 academic papers in different areas, such as the public-private partnership (PPP) for sponge city projects. In addition, he participated in various large project design and implementation in Beijing and Tianjin, accumulating lots of excellent case studies on sponge city projects. In the early years, CHE studied in Karlsrule University in Germany, and worked and conducted research in BASF’s Wastewater Treatment Plant. He has won the Beijing Science and Technology Award, and owns two national invention patents and utility model patents.

Nature For Water In China & HK

Happy World Water Day! Given this year’s ”Nature for Water” theme, we sat down with experts on nature-based solutions in China & Hong Kong from sponge cities to rivers and wetlands … more



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