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We believe regardless of whether we care for the environment that water risks affect us all – as investors, businesses and individuals. Water risks are fundamental to future decision making and growth patterns in global economies. Water scarcity has emerged as a critical sustainability issue for China's economy and since water powers the economy, we aim to highlight these risks inherent in each sector. In addition, we write about current trends in the global water industry, analyze changes occurring both regionally and globally, as well as providing explanations on the new technologies that are revolutionizing this industry.

2017 State Of Ecology & Environment Report Review

Prioritising rivers appears to have paid off but overall groundwater and Key Lakes & Reservoirs both worsened. Are we now seeing the “real” state of China’s environment? Find out in China Water Risk’s review of the 2017 State Of Ecology & Environment Report … more

2016 State of Environment Report Review

The signs are positive for China’s environment in 2016. Groundwater quality improved after 5 years of decline though there is mixed news for rivers & lakes. Is the tide turning in China’s ‘war on pollution’? … more

2015 State of Environment Report Review

China says overall environment quality has worsened in 2015 with groundwater deteriorating for the fifth year straight. It’s mixed news for rivers but lakes & reservoirs see marked improvement. Get the latest pollution status updates from the newly released 2015 State Of Environment Report … more

2014 State of Environment Report Review

China’s overall environmental quality in 2014 was “average”, but with polluters tampering with monitoring, can we even believe this data? We take a closer look at the mixed news … more

Balancing Water For Agri & Coal

China’s coal mines lie next to its farmlands and it plans to save water used in agriculture to fuel coal growth. In “Towards a Water & Energy Secure China”, China Water Risk explores strategies to control water use between agriculture & coal to ensure both food & energy security … more

China’s Pursuit of Energy Savings

Our report “Towards A Water & Energy Secure China” shows that billions of cubic metres of water can be saved via energy savings. See why China has no choice but to pursue this strategy … more

Wind & Solar: Hidden Water Risks

China is looking at aggressive renewable expansion with wind & solar set to soar. But could this intensify toxic hidden water risks from rare earth mining? Also some solar technologies require more water than coal to generate power. We explore these hidden risks in our report “Towards A Water & Energy Secure China” … more

China Nuclear: The Future is Unclear

Will China’s nuclear ambitions be thwarted by water risks and contamination fears? China Water Risk explores inland nuclear expansion and alternative scenarios for densely populated regions in our report “Towards a Water & Energy Secure China” … more

8 Game-Changing Policy Paths

There has been a fundamental shift in planning China’s future growth with changes in regulatory landscape due to multiple polices set & changes in law. Many come into full effect in 2015. Get on top of these … more

Water Permits: How to Get Water in China

How are water total water quotas set? How can you access water in China? China Water Risk gives an overview on these and the risks associated when China’s water permit system is reformed … more

Pollution: Is the Data Real?

Inconsistencies in the recording and reporting of pollution data begs the question: is the data real? With 7,700 tonnes of lead in China’s rivers carried to the sea unaccounted for in 2011, is the real state of environment worse than we thought? … more

2013 State of Environment Report Review

MEP’s 2013 State of Environment Report says the ‘overall environmental quality was average’ but a closer look reveals mixed news, whilst discrepancies found in sets of pollution data add uncertainty of the real state of the environment … more

Leather: Time for Business Unusual

Leather is amongst the top ten most polluting industries globally. Are ‘eco-leather’ efforts ‘green’ enough given renewed attention by the Chinese government? We take a closer look at hides & tanning … more

Underground Shifts: Subsidence Review

Subsidence goes hand in hand with groundwater over-extraction. With over 400 out of the 655 cities in China reliant on groundwater, can China mitigate subsidence risk? We explore related costs such as infrastructure damage, saltwater intrusion & increased desertification … more

Water: Beijing Leads The Way

Beijing takes the lead announcing a RMB500 billion Energy Savings & Environmental Protection industry days after the national plan, with more water treatment, recycling, harvesting and pipes plus stricter monitoring of pollution … more

Environmental Law Amendment: 40 Year Set Back?

Will the proposed amendment set back China’s environmental development by forty years? Or will it be shelved? … more

Electronic Waste-Moving Mountains

Can China move its mountains of electronic waste? Read about the extent of China’s electronic waste & her attempts at finding legislative & practical solutions in this review … more

8 Things You Should Know About Water & Semiconductors

How much water does it need to produce an integrated circuit? Does the semiconductor sector pollute? Check out our eight facts about water & semiconductors … more

2012 State of Environment Report Review

The Ministry of Environmental Protection says that the “national water quality is not optimistic”. The 2012 State of Environment Report released on 4 June 2013 delivers mixed news … more

Water Water Everywhere; Only If You Share

Water is a shared, “must-have” resource with no substitute. Stand alone action is not enough to address a looming liquidity crisis. Find out how sharing is caring from CEOs to grassroots action. … more

2011-2013 Water Policies Review

Don’t know what China’s been up to on the waterfront? Check out our summary of key water policies between 2011-2013 … more

Weighed Down by ‘Gangnam Style’

With fads that come and go, we look into our need to consume by sifting through our Christmas presents for useless gifts. Can we continue giving away “silly things” given limited resources and landfill space? … more

2011 State of Environment Report Review

Good and bad news from the 2011 State of Environment Report: overall water quality improvement but freshwater lakes & the Yangtze, Hai and Liao rivers deteriorate; ground water quality remains poor … more

Disclosure: Where is China?

China Water Risk looks at the differences in water disclosure between the Top 10 Chinese & Global companies on the Fortune Top 100 Socially Responsible List … more

Winsway: Where are the Water Risks?

Given water scarcity in the areas of operation, was there sufficient disclosure in Winsway’s latest bond offering document? … more

Government Issues Stark Warning

In February 2012, the State Council took the crucial step in drawing up more concrete policies to protect and manage water. In a new water management decree, the government has introduced a system of penalties for water misuse in a … … more

2011 Year in Review & 5 Trends for 2012

Find out what’s happened in the water space in the Year of the Rabbit and check out the five trends we see continuing into 2012, the Year of the Water Dragon … more

Zero Liquid Discharge – A Real Solution?

With more companies in China moving towards Zero Liquid Discharge, China Water Risk takes a closer look at the technology, how it works and whether it will solve China’s water pollution issues. … more

8 Things You Should Know About Hong Kong Water

Is Hong Kong’s water supply guaranteed? Can you drink straight from the tap? How much bottled water does Hong Kong consume? China Water Risk sets out 8 interesting facts about Hong Kong water. … more

Can Fashion Be Green?

With Nike, Puma and Adidas committing to zero-liquid discharge by 2020, is fashion finally going green or is it all a greenwash? China Water Risk takes a look at where brands stand on pollution. … more

Apple: A New Chapter

Apple finally investigates its supply chain over complaints of pollution violations. MaJun shares with us his views on this epic 18 month battle. … more

Water Purification – A Booming Market

Water quality issues in China has brought about market boom in water purification systems. China Water Risk talks to the Asia-Pac CEO of Culligan, a global leader of such treatment. … more

Sustainable Apparel Coalition

The Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC) is an informally governed coalition with an initial goal of developing and road testing a sustainability index. Participating organizations formed SAC believing there was opportunity for a more sustainable and innovative apparel and footwear industry … … more

China Water Risk Goes Live!

China Water Risk’s new innovative website targets business leaders and investors as looming liquidity crunch may impede China’s growth. Get the Big Picture on China’s water crisis now … more

China Water Risk: A Portrait

Don’t know anything about water risk? Read this in-depth review. Check out water challenges for each industry and be in a position to mitigate the risk. … more

Sodexo: Addressing Water Scarcity

With agriculture as the largest user and polluter of water in China, there are growing concerns over food security and raw material supply. Food giant Sodexo explains how their “Better Tomorrow Plan” moves to mitigate water risk. … more

Aquatech China : A Changing Landscape

With exhibitors up 7% from last year, Aquatech China is the largest event of its kind. China Water Risk finds out the latest trends in this fast changing space as international participation steps up in stark contrast to previous years. … more

Sustainable Leather: More Steps to go….

China exports over half the worlds leather shoes, this export industry has grown to more than USD 56 billion but during this process 249 million m3 of water is wasted. The question is raised to whether the leather industry is sustainable. … more

How Green are My Clothes?

Don’t know what’s green? check out some of the best-known eco labels and green clothes associations. … more

The Environmental Cost of Clothes

With clothing retail prices ever-lower and textiles being the 4th largest polluter in China, find out more about the industry’s global challenges around water consumption and pollution. … more

Is Water The New Carbon?

China Water Risk talked to Marcus Norton, Head of the CDP Water Disclosure to find out whether water disclosure follows The Carbon Disclosure Project. … more

China’s 12th Five-Year Plan Emphasizes Balanced Growth and Environment

China Water Risk takes a closer look at the new 12th Five-Year Plan, which aims to cut water consumption per unit of value-added industrial output by 30 percent. … more

Sustainable Stock Exchanges: A Coalition-of-the Willing?

China Water Risk looks at where China stands on water disclosure and sustainable stock exchange initiatives compared to other exchanges round the world. Disclosure landscape changing rapidly but more improvements required. As of March 2010, 175 HKEx listed companies were identified with environmental infraction records. … more

Apple China Local Environmental Activists See Red

After more than ten months of continuous pressure on Apple to answer questions about pollution issues in its supply chain, a coalition of Chinese environmental NGOs in January release findings. Their 4th IT report condemns Apple for poor environmental and safety standards in its supply chain in China. … more

Zijin Mining Spill and The Quest For Materiality

China Water Risk takes a closer look to see if investors could have factored for this environmental risks if they knew where to look… Zijin Mining has been cited for environmental violations every year since 2005. … more

Hydropower: Environmental Disaster or Climate Saver?

China Water Risk explores the trade-offs. Hydropower is a ‘double-edged sword’ for investors. Alongside emissions reductions there are significant environmental, social and governance issues to consider. … more

Engaging IT’s Elusive Giants

China Water Risk summaries the response to letters sent to 27 technology company CEOs charging them with using polluting supply chain companies, in April 2010. Corporate response is mixed, if somewhat disappointing. Only few have taken concrete steps. … more

Do Hydropower Projects Need The CDM?

Hydropower projects in the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) have come under increasing scrutiny. China Water Risks explores whether hydropower projects should be eligible for carbon credits. … more

Half Price While Supplies Last

With China raising water tariffs to address growing water scarcity issues, Hong Kong with its subsidised water fees may find itself being priced out of the competition for this increasingly scarce resource. … more

Asia’s Food Supply Chains at Risk

China Water Risk reviews World Resources Institute’s Weeding Risk, published April 2010. The report identifies potential financial impacts arising from water scarcity and climate change on publicly listed companies in the F&B sector in South and Southeast Asia. … more

New Research Highlights Health Risks Resulting From China’s Pollution

Two recent publications–The Journal of Contemporary China and an annual report by Beijing-based Friends of Nature (FON)–point to the growing problem of pollution-related health impacts in China, including the phenomenal rates of cancer and other illnesses. Concerns are being raised that inadequate data is actually underestimating the problem. … more

HKEx Could Do More to Promote Environmental Disclosure

Study by IPE, Civic Exchange, ADM Capital Foundation and China Water Risk finds 15% of companies listed on the HKEx with environmental violations on the mainland. The study calls for better disclosure of these. … more

Civic Exchange Water Study Outlines Threats to Hong Kong Water Supply

Civic Exchange released a new policy paper which raises questions about the security of Hong Kong’s water supply in the face of an increasingly unstable supply and growing competition from other users throughout the Pearl River Basin. … more



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