Contributor: Dr. Christina Dean

Dr. Christina Dean

About Dr. Christina Dean

Dr. Christina Dean is the founder and CEO of Redress, a Hong Kong based environmental NGO working to promote environmental sustainability in the fashion industry by reducing textile waste, pollution, water and energy consumption. Redress achieves this by conducting educational sustainable fashion shows, exhibitions, seminars, competitions and research. Prior to establishing Redress in 2007, Christina was a journalist and prior to this a practicing dental surgeon. In 2010, Christina was listed by US online magazine Coco Eco as one of ‘2010’s Most Influential Women in Green’. In 2009 she was listed by UK Vogue as one of the UK’s ‘Top 30 Inspirational Women’.

A Decade Of Dedication

As Redress turns 10 years old, its founder Dr Christina Dean reflects on the victories achieved in driving circular thinking in fashion including the EcoChic Design Award and TV show Frontline Fashion. Plus, check out their initiatives going forward … more

Putting Waste Back Into Fashion

China is clamping down on textiles due to the heavy pollution & waste from the industry. With potential new revenues streams in recycling, hear from Redress CEO Christina Dean on how the EcoChic Design Award’s army of sustainable designers is closing the loop on textile waste … more

Out With the New

Consumers should reflect on their fashion choices this New Year in a bid to reduce the fashion and textile industry’s negative environmental impacts – Dr Dean shows us how a secondhand wardrobe can save the world … more

A Double Denim Crush

With the textile industry expected to face closer scrutiny, Christina Dean, the founder of Redress, tells us why the R Cert for recycled textile clothing can mop up environmental impact and top up brands’ reputations. … more

Battle of the Bins

Dr. Christina Dean digs into the clothes we trash (literally). With limited landfill sites and piles of unwanted clothes, should trash fashion recycling be the new “IT thing”? … more

New Standards for Recycled Clothes

Dr. Christina Dean writes about water-guzzling clothes and textiles and how new standards for recycled clothes can help save water … more

A Second-Hand Christmas

Redress CEO, Dr. Christina Dean gives us the low-down on what and where to shop this Christmas, including an eco-friendly shopping list. … more



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