Contributor: Claire Hau

Claire Hau

About Claire Hau

Claire is working as the Sustainability Relations Responsible, Global Production for H&M. In this role, she is working mainly with relations, communication, training and education for sustainability in production globally. Claire started off her career at H&M with a strong focus on environmental issues; namely on water in China and Bangladesh- to understand the situation and support pragmatic ways for improvement across the supply chain. More recently, she has been working with Chemicals, where she has been heavily involved in supporting H&M in realizing its commitment ‘Towards Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals by 2020’. Prior to joining H&M, Claire studied fashion design in the UK. During her studies, she developed a deep passion for sustainability, where she felt that there has to be a better way to make change, starting from the drawing board. She later obtained a Master in Global Fashion Supply Chain Management in Hong Kong, and exchanged abroad in France and USA.

H&M: Water Stewardship in Fashion

Claire Hau tells us why water is important to H&M and how it is pioneering water stewardship in fashion from its work with BSR & IPE, partnership with WWF, to its commitment to ban hazardous chemicals by 2020 … more



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