Contributor: Flavia Micilotta

Flavia Micilotta

About Flavia Micilotta

Flavia currently works as BEPI Coordinator at the Foreign Trade Association in Brussels and assists companies to build responsible supply chains. Before that she worked on different sustainability projects as an external consultant for EY and Deloitte, ranging from climate change and adaptation,to carbon management and ethical Investments. A qualified environmental auditor, Flavia helped clients in different industries develop their business models, share with stakeholders and go Beyond compliance. A founding member of the UN Global Compact in Belgium, Flavia has developed much of her career working with companies to improve their transparency and accountability through meaningful sustainability reporting.

Incorporating Environment Into Business

Companies are incorporating environmental performance into business, so suppliers need to follow suit or risk losing customers. The Business Environmental Performance Initiative (BEPI) can help both parties as BEPI’s Micilotta explains … more



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