Contributor: Dr. Guo Youzhi

Dr. Guo Youzhi

About Dr. Guo Youzhi

Dr. Guo Youzhi is the Secretary-General of the Desalination Association of China, a 250 member strong association of experts in Desalination and Water Treatment. Dr. Guo is a frequent speaker on desalination policy and membrane technologies at global water events and conferences.

Chinese Desal Policies Reviewed

Dr Guo You Zhi, Secretary-General of China’s Desalination Association shares with us his insights on why desalination targets have not been met and what’s in store for the future. … more

Water-Intensive Companies in South-West China Face Water Restrictions

Dr Guo Peiyuan from Syntao highlights that some cities in southern China are planning to restrict or even shut down operations of water intensive businesses to protect drinking water. Agriculture, power generation and heavy metal production have been impacted by water shortages. … more



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