Contributor: Holger Schlaefke

Holger Schlaefke

About Holger Schlaefke

Holger Schlaefke is the Global Marketing Manager of Huntsman Textile Effects, Singapore and manages the global product launches and promotion of the dyes business. He is in charge of developing global sales strategy, product development and management to add value to customers and the business. With over 30 years of extensive experience in the textiles industry as Regional Technical Specialist at Huntsman Textile Effects Shanghai, and Global Business Development Manager for Dystar and BASF, he brings a solid mix of commercial and technical expertise to the industry.

Reactive Dye Revolution

Innovative tech is popping up as Huntsman’s Holger Schlaefke expands on how their new reactive dye saves costs and water plus cut carbon emissions without additional CAPEX … more



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