Contributor: James Hanotu

James Hanotu

About James Hanotu

James Hanotu obtained an MSc in Environmental and Energy engineering from the University of Sheffield in 2009, where following his work on algal growth enhancement mediated by CO2 enriched microbubbles, was a winner at the BioProcess UK conference. He obtained a University Scholarship to undertake his doctoral research on developing a Microflotation system, an energy efficient microbubble generation system for application in flotation separation. In 2010, his microbubble diffuser design was chosen and displayed as one of five innovative designs at the faculty of Engineering, University of Sheffield. Since then, he has worked as a Consulting Project Engineer for Perlemax Ltd and collaborated with several industries for the pilot scale trial of Microflotation as well as application of microbubbles for transport purposes in bioreactors.

Algae – The Next Biofuel

Pandhal, Hanotu and Zimmerman recount their award-winning & cost-effective way of harvesting algae from eutrophied lakes. Could algae be China’s new bio-fuel? … more



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