Contributor: Jean-Marc Champagne

Jean-Marc Champagne

About Jean-Marc Champagne

Jean-Marc worked for 17 years in the investment banking industry for Merrill Lynch in New York City in equities, Bank SinoPac, BNP Paribas and Jefferies in Hong Kong in equities and equity derivatives. Jean-Marc was most recently at Jefferies and left in mid-2015 as a Senior Vice President, Equity Derivative Sales to join WWF to make a proper contribution to society and the world. Jean-Marc is the Climate Finance Advisor for WWF-Hong Kong and advises institutional investors on the financial risks related to climate change.

Oil To Fall As Electric Vehicles Take Off

The growth of electric vehicles in China could displace 1mn barrels/day of crude oil by late 2020s. How will this impact companies with fossil fuel assets? How can Asian investors minimise their exposure? WWF’s Jean-Marc Champagne on their latest report … more



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