Contributor: Jeff Fuchs

Jeff Fuchs

About Jeff Fuchs

Award-winning explorer, author, and long-time resident of the northwestern Yunnan, Fuchs has had work published on three continents, which has centered on oral narratives of mountain culture and indigenous views on the environment. He serves as an ambassador for North Face and kora, and is currently an Explorer-in-Residence at award winning Kensington Tours. He has spoken to schools, universities, and societies around the world and leads mountain tours to show first hand the effects of development and ‘local ways’ of adaptation to change. He recently published two articles with UNESCO on the indigenous views of climate change and sustainability. He is a believer in the notion that “sometimes the world of ‘facts’ and science must catch up and learn from the people of the land”.

Bara Shigri: The Glacier’s Sigh

Award-winning explorer Jeff Fuchs returns to the Bara Shigri glacier only to find it drastically altered within two years. Sitting under an ice-shelf, Fuchs recounts local tales of “snows going” and the glacier’s “aches & groans” as it retreats … more

Withering Heights: Water At Over 5,000m

Award-winning explorer Jeff Fuchs gives us a glimpse into why nomads in the Himalayas think the sky is confused & the mountains are dying given less precipitation and snowfall in recent years … more



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