Contributor: Professor Zou Ji

Professor Zou Ji

About Professor Zou Ji

Professor Zou Ji is currently the Deputy Director General of the China National Center for Climate Strategy Study and International Cooperation (CCSC). At the time of the interview, Professor Zou was heading the WRI China program. Zou Ji is Professor of Environmental Economics and Management at Renmin University in Beijing. For the past 26 years he has worked as a professor, researcher and policy analyst focused on energy and climate change in China. He also served as a negotiator for China at U.N. Climate Talks during 2000-2009. Professor Zou has a B.S in environmental engineering, an M.S. in engineering economics from Tsinghua University and a Ph.D. in environmental economics from Renmin University. He has held visiting scholar positions at Harvard University and the London School of Economics.

Prof. Zou Ji on The Water-Energy Nexus

China Water Risk talks to Professor Zou Ji and the World Resource Institue’s China Water Team about China’s Water-Energy Nexus and why energy and water constraints are so critical for China’s economy. … more



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