Contributor: Julia Bakutis

Julia Bakutis

About Julia Bakutis

Julia Bakutis is based in Shanghai where she holds the role Relations Responsible for H&M Sustainability. Julia strengthens H&M’s sustainability program and compliance work with increased stakeholder engagement and proactive communication and updates to external and internal partners. Her goal is to increase awareness and understanding of sustainability, and to drive H&M’s sustainability agenda at the industry and institutional level, working with as many partners as possible. Covering H&M’s supply chain in China, Vietnam, Cambodia and Myanmar, Julia’s focus in China is on water stewardship and chemical management initiatives. Prior to H&M, Julia worked for a number of non-governmental organizations in China, Vietnam and the United States, including the Fair Labor Organization and the International Crisis Group, with a focus on communications and fundraising.

One Year On: H&M & Water Stewardship

H&M’s Sustainability Relations Responsible, Julia Bakutis updates us on their Water Stewardship programme one year on. Find out what they have done & what challenges lie ahead for H&M as a water steward … more



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