Contributor: Ma Jun

Ma Jun

About Ma Jun

Ma Jun was named as one of the 100 most influential persons in the world by TIME magazine in 2006. He is well known for his book, China’s Water Crisis released in 1999, which has been compared to Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring. He directs the IPE (Institute of Public and Environmental Affairs), which developed China’s first public database on air and water pollution.

Ma Jun on Fashion’s Critical Blind Spot

Upon the release of “Sustainable Apparel’s Critical Blind Spot”, Ma Jun talks to CWR about the progress of brands in addressing pollution issues in their supply chain … more

Cleaning up China’s IT Industry

China water expert, Ma Jun guides us through a campaign by 35 Chinese NGOs concerning heavy metal poisoning incidents by the supply chains of 27 of the world’s leading electronic companies. Find out who’s are the leaders and laggards in their response. … more

Pressing Water Challenges Require Urgent Action

Ma Jun, water expert and environmental advocate, tells us why urgent action is needed to prevent the exploitation and abuse of China’s fragile water resources from sucking the life out of China’s economy. … more



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