Contributor: Katy Yan

Katy Yan

About Katy Yan

Ms. Yan coordinates International Rivers' efforts to protect China's transboundary rivers and strengthen the capacity of Chinese activists. She also manages the Intern and Volunteer Program, provides advocacy and analytical support to groups fighting destructive carbon-financed dams, and supports International Rivers' education and outreach efforts. She is publisher of World Rivers Bulletin, International Rivers' Chinese language newsletter, and author of Protecting Rivers and Rights: The World Commission on Dams Recommendations in Action. Ms. Yan received her Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Earth Systems from Stanford University.

Climate Change & Hydro: Mutually Damming

With droughts affecting hydopower generation, is damming the best way forward? Katy Yan of International Rivers explains why China’s 12th FYP favors risky dams over climate resiliance … more

China’s CDM (hydro) Projects in Hot Water

International Rivers’ Parekh and Yan, takes us through the pros and cons of Kyoto Protocol’s CDM’s hydropower projects and why it fails to promote sustainable development. Hydro represents 25% of all projects funded by CDM; China accounts for 64% of all hydro projects… … more



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