Contributor: Liam Salter

Liam Salter

About Liam Salter

Liam Salter, managing director at Reset Limited HK, is responsible for forging innovative new approaches to tackling climate change in Hong Kong and Southern China, structuring technology, finance, marketing and communication solutions. Previously Liam was the Head of WWF Hong Kong’s Climate Programme, and Director of WWF’s international operations in Asia-Pacific on climate issues, where he managed a ten-country team. At WWF Liam co-led the design of the Gold Standard, now the world’s leading certification system for high quality carbon credits. He also initiated the Low Carbon Manufacturing Programme (LCMP), the world’s first carbon rating system for export manufacturers and the Low Carbon Office Programme (LOOP), a carbon management system for office tenants.  He has presented on climate change issues at conferences internationally.

It Would Never Have Happened Without CDM. (Honest)

Carbon expert, Liam Salter tells us why CDM’s rules for catching ‘non-additional’ projects are not working, making it profitable for some CDM developers to trawl the market for projects at or close to completion and attempt a last gasp CDM retrofit. … more



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