Contributor: Li Junfeng

Li Junfeng

About Li Junfeng

Li Junfeng is the Director General of the National Center of Climate Change Strategy Research at the National Development and Reform Commission. Mr. Li facilitated the implementation of the national high technology program for wind and solar PV within the 11th five-year plan, and was one of the chief authors of the Chinese Renewable Energy Law. He has engaged in renewable energy project development for GEF, the World Bank and the UNDP, and also led the development of the first CDM project in China as well. He holds professional and academic positions as a Professor and the Chair of the Academic Committee of ERI and the President of Chinese Renewable Industrial Association.

Water Over Energy Security

In-depth interview with Li Junfeng, the Director General of China’s National Center of Climate Change Strategy Research on the future of coal, gas, nuclear, hydro & renewable energy given limited water and why China has to “walk on two legs” towards energy security … more



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