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Lisa Genasci

About Lisa Genasci

Lisa Genasci is the CEO and founder of ADM Capital Foundation (ADMCF) which provides support to some of Asia’s most marginalized children and works to combat intransigent environmental challenges facing the region.  Before working in the non-profit sector, Lisa worked for ten years with the Associated Press, three as a correspondent based in Rio de Janeiro, three on the foreign desk and four as a financial reporter in New York. She created and for three years authored a column on women and workplace issues, ‘On the Job,’ which was widely distributed in U.S. and foreign publications. In Hong Kong she wrote business stories for CNN and worked as a freelance features reporter for local publications. She currently writes a blog on Asian philanthropy and on some of the region’s most significant environmental and poverty challenges.

Financing Innovation From Indonesia

Green finance is high on agendas. The Tropical Landscape Finance Facility is a new model for just such. How does this work? We sat down with Genasci, CEO of ADM Capital Foundation, to find out … more

Philanthropy: Catalysing Water for All

Water philanthropy in China can play a catalytic role in ensuring water for all in Asia. Lisa Genasci, CEO of ADM Capital Foundation on why philanthropists should take more risk by supporting research, public education, pilot projects & advocacy … more

New Guard: New Hope for Pollution?

March ushers in the official all change of the old guard. Will the new guard bring new hope for pollution control? China Water Risk takes a closer look at the events leading up to this week’s National People’s Congress meetings … more

2012 Review & 5 Trends for 2013

Not sure what happened in 2012? Read our review and find out what our top 5 water trends are for the Year of the Snake. Will we be bogged down or will we slide ahead? … more

Sinking Reputations: Lessons from Bangladesh

Despite flooding, Bangladesh faces a 40% shortage of water in the dry season and rampant pollution.Lisa Genasci on why reputations can sink fast for the textile sector … more

China NGOs tell Brands to Stop Greenwashing

Many brands say they are producing sustainable products but are in reality greenwashing. Lisa Genasci follows up on the 49 global fashion brands named using polluting factories in China … more

Is Fracking The Answer For Water Scarce China

Will water limit China’s access to possibly the world’s largest resoure of shale gas? Lisa Genasci discusses China’s possible energy alternative and its hold-backs … more

Sustainable Apparel’s Critical Blind Spot

IPE & Green Choice Alliance new report on the textile sector highlights sustainable apparel’s critical blind spot. Whilst some brands are ahead, others are accused of greenwashing … more

2 Degrees + Food: Take Aways

Lisa Genasci summarises her key takeaways from 2 Degrees + Food’s keynote speaker Dr. Shenggen Fan and other panelists from BASF, Dairy Farm, HSBC and ASB Biodiesel … more

The Rise of Protests & Reputational Risk

With a recent survey indicating over 500 protests daily, Lisa Genasci examines the reasons for the rise and the role and impact of environmental protests in China today. … more

Moving Beyond GDP: Natural Capital

Lisa Genasci talks about Natural Capital, as leaders start to value resources to protect core business interest as costs could reach US$28trillion by 2050 … more

Rio+20: Water Snapshot

As the late June Rio+20 Summit ended, observers slammed the lack of ambition in the declaration of Common Vision approved on by heads of state, but there were interesting advances over the days for the world of water. Whether or … … more

Environmentalists Name and Shame Global Fashion Brands

Zara, Marks & Spencer, Esprit, Calvin Klein, Carrefour and Armani named amongst 48 brands buying from water polluting suppliers. Lisa Genasci on why it is time to clean up … more

Redefining Fiduciary Responsibility

Are investors and businesses acting prudently? Lisa Genasci says it’s about time we redefined fiduciary duty … more

Pressure Builds on Apple

Apple earned over US$400,000 in profit per employee, more than Goldman Sachs, Exxon Mobil or Google; Lisa Genasci explains why … more

Green Electronics? Not Quite Yet. And Where is Apple?

Greenpeace released the results of its third-annual green electronics survey. All but Apple and Phillips of the 21companies contacted agreed to be ranked on three criteria; removing toxic substances, responsible take-back of their end-of-life products and energy efficiency. Access the report and find out more. … more



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