Contributor: Liu Feiqin

Liu Feiqin

About Liu Feiqin

Feiqin Liu is a PhD student in Environmental and Resource Protection Law at the China University of Political Science and Law. She participated in the project of “Assessment of the enforcement of the new Environmental Protection Law”. She also co-authored the “Report on the Assessment of the Enforcement of the new Environmental Protection Law”, which was published by the China University of Political Science and Law Press in July 2016. Moreover, she published “Effect of measures of ‘Regional Restriction on Environmental Impact Assessment Approvals’ and ‘property impounding’” in Social Sciences in Chinese Higher Education Institutions (4th period 2016). She was also part of the major project “Research on the Relationship between Fishery Resource and Ecological Protection Schemes & Related Regulations”, which was based around the revision of the “Fisheries Law” and commissioned by the Bureau of Fisheries in the Ministry of Agriculture. In particular, she was in charge of the research on core topics, report composing, management and coordination.

Environmental Law: 1 Year On

China’s amended Environmental Protection Law has been in effect more than 18 months now. How impactful has it been? Have there been more fines & violations? What about compensation? China Water Risk sat down with Liu Feiqin, from the China University of Political Science & Law, to get her thoughts on this & more … more



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