Contributor: Lu Guang

Lu Guang

About Lu Guang

Lu Guang is an award-winning photographer from China, who investigates the impact of rapid industrialization on environment and people’s everyday lives. Since 1993, he has developed major documentary projects in China, all at his own initiative, focusing on some of the most significant social, health, and environmental issues facing his country today. His photographic work includes stories on gold diggers, local coal miners, the SARS epidemic, drug addiction along the Sino-Burmese border, Aids villages in Henan Province, the environmental impact of the Qinghai-Tibet railway, industrial pollution and the medical effects of schistosomiasis (bilharzia). With its potent use of composition and colour, his work is both expressive and intensely engaging, drawing us in so powerfully that it creates personal involvement and response. Over the years, he has won many prestigious awards & honors, such as the World Press Photo contest (First Prize in 2004 & Third Prize in 2011), visiting scholarship to the US Department of State (2005), Henri Nannan Prize in Photography (2008), W. Eugene Smith Memorial Fund (2009), National Geographic Photography Grant (2010) and Prince Claus Fund (2013).

Crying Lands: China’s Polluted Waterscape

Award-winning photographer Lu Guang shares his journey in documenting sensitive social, health & environmental issues in China. See the tangible linkages through his heart-rending and insightful photographs … more



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