Contributor: Mandy Lao

Mandy Lao

About Mandy Lao

Mandy Lao Man-lei is a senior project manager at Civic Exchange. She graduated from Cardiff University with a master’s degree in city and regional planning (specialising in urban and built environment). Mandy has rich experience in directing and managing social and policy research projects. She is the co-author of Rethinking the Small House Policy published by Civic Exchange in 2003. She also co-authored Walkable City, Living Streets in 2012 and authored Small House Policy II: An Update in 2013. Her major research interests include urban built environment, public space design, community planning and sustainable development.

Hong Kong’s Thirst for Bottled Water

Hong Kong has a plastic waste issue & consuming less bottled water can help this. Why then is Hong Kong still thirsty for bottled water? Mandy Lao explores consumer attitudes towards these … more



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