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Mark Harper

About Mark Harper

Mark was project manager of China Water Risk for 2013 and articles written below were during his tenure at China Water Risk. Mark has worked for nearly a decade managing corporate/NGO partnerships focused on environmental engagement and corporate sustainability. He was previously the programme manager for Earthwatch Institute and Flora & Fauna International. Mark has extensive experience organizing hands-on conservation and educational projects for corporates, schools and communities. He has lived and worked in Sri Lanka, Oxford, Hong Kong, Boston and London. Separately, Mark actively pursues his interest in environmental conservation, by volunteering to monitor great white sharks in California to conducting research on rhino census in South Africa. Mark believes that change is only possible through the collective action of the corporate and investment communities.

Corporate Conscience: Beyond Charity

Why are so few companies effectively mitigating water risk? Is it time for the conscientious corporate to transition water from purely charity and compliance to a core business activity? … more

Food, Weather & Water Heading North

Global weather patterns have shifted with major implications for agriculture. Find out what it means for the sector if food, water and weather are all heading North in China … more

Latest Developments in Sustainability Reporting

Robert Gibson, of City University of Hong Kong & China Water Risk walks us through the latest developments in the field of sustainability reporting … more

Water in Mining: Disclosure Overview

The international mining sector leads the way in water disclosure, but with massive regional variations in the level of reporting and poor current reporting frameworks are investors getting the full picture? … more

The Money in Sludge

As China struggle to cope with an increasing mountain of sewage sludge, we explore whether China could follow international best practice and turn it into a new revenue stream … more

Eco-compensation – A Way Forward?

With over 91% of all global payments in 2011 amounting to US$7.4 billion, China is already a global leader in investing in watershed protection; but also plans to be the most innovative in the future … more

Sink or Swim

As water risks rises in prominence we review whether more investors and corporates are taking action to mitigate risk and seek out opportunities. … more



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