Contributor: Matt Turner

Matt Turner

About Matt Turner

Matt Turner is Director of Global Stakeholder Initiatives and Future 500’s Water Programme. A nongovernment organization (NGO) with offices in San Francisco, Tokyo and Beijing, the Future 500 draws together global corporations and NGOs of all stripes on behalf of sustainability and corporate responsibility leadership initiatives. Future 500’s water initiative seeks to find common ground between corporations and civil society to advance multi-stakeholder solutions to systemic water challenges. Through collaboration rather than conflict, Future 500 looks to forge relationships that lead to positive change. Turner formerly worked as a corporate responsibility consultant for The Coca-Cola Company, where he collaborated with both internal and external stakeholders on key social issues and initiatives involving ethical sourcing, union relations, public relations and crisis management. He has an MSc in International Affairs from the Georgia Institute of Technology, and a BA in Government and International Studies, from the University of Notre Dame.

Water And Relationships That Matter

Future 500’s Matt Turner tells us why water is likely the next “dominant big issue” of the 21st century and discusses the big chasm with regard to how water is understood by companies and stakeholders. Should it be a basic right or a commodity? … more



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