Contributor: Max Leung

Max Leung

About Max Leung

Max makes use of his experience in data visualization, statistical analyses and programming techniques to create insights from water and business/financial related data in China. He also assists in the development of our digital platform. Max’s philosophy is that decision-making should rely upon some sort of quantitative analysis. In the era of Big Data and information overload, his ambition is to become a seasoned data scientist, distilling meaning from “messy” data. Prior to joining, Max was a Research Assistant at the business school of the Open University of Hong Kong. He also previously worked as a Reward Analyst in the Group Human Resources of Dairy Farm. Hailing from Hong Kong, Max holds a Master of Economics from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. He has also passed CFA-Level 1 and FRM Part 1

5 Facts On Crop Failures Due To Water Risks

In 2016 China suffered 44 million tonnes of crop failure due to droughts and floods. Check out China Water Risk Leung’s five facts to get the latest info and see which regions are most at risk … more



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