Contributor: Morgan Gillespy

Morgan Gillespy

About Morgan Gillespy

Morgan joined CDP in 2013 where she has been instrumental to the development and implementation of products and services relating to water as well as the analysis and synthesis of CDP’s water data. In 2016 she was named Head of Water, leading the program to ensure it remains the gold standard for disclosure of corporate water related information globally. Morgan holds a BA in international relations from the University of Colorado at Boulder and a MSc in Environmental Technology from Imperial College London.

Thirsty Business: Why Water Is Vital To Climate Action

Water is key to the shift to a low-carbon world. Yet, companies aren’t moving fast enough as CDP’s latest Global Water Report 2016 shows. Their Morgon Gillespy on key findings from the report and the need for still more action … more

Corporate Water Reporting in China

CDP’s report shows potentially inadequate water risk assessment by Chinese companies & those with HQ’s in China. CDP’s Gillespy on their latest report and why it’s time to report on water risks … more



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