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Nicholas Eckelberry

About Nicholas Eckelberry

Nicholas Eckelberry is co-founder of OriginClear and continues to consult as its chief inventor. He is also consulting to OriginClear licensee, ECT Services & Solutions Inc., as it rolls out a pilot site in the Kern County oil fields. Nicholas is responsible for inventing OriginClear’s proprietary Electro Water Separation (EWS) technology, the high-speed, chemical free process to extract organic contaminants and valuable materials from large quantities of water. (All patents are assigned to OriginClear.) In all, Nicholas Eckelberry has authored or co-authored fourteen separate inventions in the field of algae production and waste water cleanup. Nicholas is also responsible for the development and launch of Nano-Cal in 2003, a product line based around a uniquely formulated and highly bio-available form of calcium. Recently, Biofuels Digest ranked him one of the Top 300 People in the Bioeconomy for 2013-2014

Treating Landfill Black Water

Landfill leachate, a highly polluting effluent, is now under new China EPA standards. Regular treatment has limitations but EWS:AOx™ by OriginClear is versatile alternative as its Jean-Louis Kindler, Nicholas Eckelberry and Stephen Jan show
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