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Nitin Dani

About Nitin Dani

Nitin Dani is an architect by profession and an environmentalist at heart. He received his Bachelor in Architecture, from Bangalore, India and Masters in Strategic Design from Politecnico di Milano, Italy. He was raised and educated in various parts of India and has worked previously worked in Bangalore, Singapore, and Milan. In Shanghai he began his career in a branding agency in 2010. He later moved on to form an entrepreneurial venture facilitating clean technology solutions for the Chinese market, while also co-founding Green Initiatives (formerly Green Drinks China). GI is an environmental nonprofit organization that focuses on education, awareness and action on environmental issues through projects, events, trainings & workshops for the regular community, students and professionals. GI has organised over 200 events since its inception in 2009. Nitin also works as a Project Director with GIGA, an organization working on material research, cloud software and indoor air quality certification.

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