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Olivia Jensen

About Olivia Jensen

Olivia Jensen is the Asia Editor of Global Water Intelligence and is based in Singapore. She is an economist and for the last ten years she has specialised in the water sector, working as an academic, consultant and journalist. She wrote her PhD at the London School of Economics on public-private partnerships for water supply. She has worked extensively in and on China - before joining GWI she lived in Shanghai for three years where she headed the office of a foreign consulting company. Olivia has published widely on water issues, from peer-reviewed papers to comprehensive reports, and has provided consulting services to the World Bank, OECD and UNEP Finance Initiative, among others, as well as advising numerous private clients.

Asia’s Water Stocks Play Snakes & Ladders

Quoted Asian water stocks regained some ground last year after a disastrous 2011. What lies in store for the year of the snake? Global Water Intelligence’s Olivia Jensen shares her view … more

Streams of Gold: Water-for-Mining

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Investors Pour Cold Water on China Water Stocks

Olivia Jensen, the Asia Editor of Global Water Intelligence explains why Asia Water Index fell 23.3% despite growth in the water sector in China, whilst Brazil rose 23.7% and the US 10% in the same period
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