Contributor: Patricia Wouters

Patricia Wouters

About Patricia Wouters

Professor Dr Patricia Wouters is a Professor of Xiamen University School of Law, the Founding Director of China International Water Law programme ( and the Founding Director of the Dundee UNESCO Centre for Water Law, Policy and Science. Her research focuses on public international law and transboundary waters. She has served on the Global Water Partnership TEC and chairs the International Advisory Committee of the United Nations University Institute of Water, Environment and Health (UNU-INWEH).

Keeping Peace: China’s Upstream Dilema

Despite voting against the UN Water Convention, China does embrace its central principles. Prof Wouters shares her expert views on the region’s water treaties & keeping the peace on transboundary waters … more

China’s Soft Path to Transboundary Water

With 40 transboundary waters, find out what Dr. Wouters, Director of the UNESCO Centre for Water Law & the China International Water Law Centre has to say on China’s new ‘soft’ approach’ … more



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