Contributor: Richard Damania

Richard Damania

About Richard Damania

Richard Damania is the Global Lead Economist in the World Bank’s Water Practice. He leads the Practice’s work on analytical, advisory, and the operational engagements related to the role of water and the economy. Prior to this he was the Lead Economist of the Africa Sustainable Development Department with responsibility for infrastructure, environment and social issues. In this capacity, he led the analytical program and was responsible for quality control. He has also served as Lead Economist in the South Asia and Latin America and Caribbean Regions of the World Bank. Before joining the World Bank, he was Professor of Economics at the University of Adelaide in Australia. He has published extensively with over 100 papers that span matters ranging from Natural Resources, Infrastructure Economics, Climate Change and the Economics of Regulation. He has held numerous advisory positions in government and international organizations and serves on the Editorial Board of several prestigious academic journals.

Droughts: Misery In Slow Motion

Floods and storm surges are sensational disasters but the World Bank’s new report shows droughts can actually be more impactful. We sat down with their Richard Damania to find out more … more



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