Contributor: Richard Leung

Richard Leung

About Richard Leung

Ir Richard WM LEUNG is a civil engineer by profession. After graduation from the University of Sheffield in the UK in 1988, he worked as an engineer in the Civil Engineering Development Department and Drainage Services Department since 1995 and 2006 respectively. Ir LEUNG is also an Accredited BEAM Professional of the Hong Kong Green Building Council since 2012. Ir LEUNG has been involved in various stages of planning, design and construction of numbers of new town development projects and drainage/sewerage works. Ir LEUNG is currently the senior engineer of the Research & Development Section in Land Drainage Division in the department. He is responsible for the overall coordination of the research & development projects and planning and promotion of the blue green infrastructure for the department.

Hong Kong: A Climate Resilient Sponge City

Hong Kong is prone to tropical cyclones, which will be exacerbated by climate change. Can the city become climate & flood resilient? Hear from Richard Leung from the Drainage Services Department on actions taken so far … more



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