Contributor: Robert Brears

Robert Brears

About Robert Brears

Robert is an RL Expert on Water and Sustainability, Founder of Mitidaption and an Associate Fellow at the NFG 'Asian Perceptions of the EU' at the Free University of Berlin. He specialises in water security, corporate water risk and climate change risk in global supply chains and transitioning towards water security and sustainability. He is a contributing author for the Johns Hopkins Global Water Magazine. Robert has published widely on water security, water resources management, corporate water risk, emissions trading schemes, environmental refugees and has conducted field research in the United States, Europe, Asia, Australia, New Zealand and Antarctica. He has presented at international water conferences hosted by the International Water Association and American Water Works Association.

Urban Water-Energy Strategies

With rising urbanisation and the need for more water & power in Chinese cities, water & sustainability expert, Robert Brears shares some price & non-price management tools to better manage urban demands … more



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