Contributor: Rong Chen

Rong Chen

About Rong Chen

Rong Chen has 20 years of diversified professional experience in China and abroad. For the past 11 years, she has been a task leader at International Finance Corporation (IFC) in the sustainability business advisory services field, managing multi-national donors’ advisory projects covering water/energy efficiency, cleaner production, corporate social responsibility, sustainability reporting, and environmental, health, safety and social areas. Before joining IFC, she worked in a UK consulting firm in the aviation industry as an assistant project manager in London and Manchester. She has a strong technical background in environmental and waste water areas in the construction industry and has also worked as a water engineer in a reputable Chinese design institute for five years.

Financing Innovations in Industrial Water

Given China’s limited water supply & rising water tariffs there is no better time to finance water efficiency upgrades. IFC talks us through their innovative financing programme for the textile sector that not only saves water & energy but also makes a return within a short payback term … more



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