Contributor: Sam Inglis

Sam Inglis

About Sam Inglis

Sam Inglis is a glacial hazards specialist based in Asia. He holds an MSc in Climate Change & Risk Management from the University of Exeter, UK, and has worked on glacial hazards, mountain environments, and transboundary water resources since 2012. His own research has focused on the impacts of glacier melt, glacial lakes, and outburst flooding on hydropower in the North Patagonian Icefield of Chile, and the Indo-Tibetan catchment of the Sutlej River. Sam is also a member of Yale University's Program on Climate Change Communication social media team, is a researcher with DC-based Mountain Institute, and regularly contributes to the glaciological website ‘GlacierHub' - an initiative from Columbia University's Earth Institute. Through his work he strives to increase awareness and understanding around the world’s rapidly disappearing glaciers, and the broader impacts of climate on water resources.

Yangtze Headwaters Under Threat

By the end of the century, 67% of China’s ice may be gone. Can the Yangtze survive? As temperatures rise, the glaciers which sustain Asia’s longest river are reaching the tipping point. Sam Inglis explores the headwaters, as we march towards an ice-free Yangtze … more



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