Contributor: Shally Venugopal

Shally Venugopal

About Shally Venugopal

Shally Venugopal is a Research Associate in the Capital Markets team at the World Resources Institute. Her research focuses on the financial implications of climate and resource change from the perspective of the corporate and investor community. Prior to joining WRI, Shally worked in Morgan Stanley’s Microfinance Institutions Group where she was responsible for client and capital markets coverage of South and Central Asian Microfinance Institutions, and in Morgan Stanley’s Public Finance Division, covering U.S. domestic public sector infrastructure clients. Her prior experience includes working at the Penn Institute for Urban Research, L.E.K. Consulting and Bearfoot Investments.

Moving From Curiousity to Integration: an Investors’ Journey

Shally Venugopal, reviews key lessons learnt whilst working with analysts and investors on research to include environmental risks; in particular the World Resources Institute’s work with HSBC on the effects of climate change on South and SE Asia’s F&B and power sectors. … more



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