Contributor: Zhu Shouqing

Zhu Shouqing

About Zhu Shouqing

Shouqing Zhu is a Senior Associate and Head of China Sustainable Finance Program at WRI's Beijing office. He leads and coordinates WRI’s work related to promoting sustainability with the financial system in China, which focuses on improving the environmental and social performance of Chinese investments, both overseas and domestic. He has served as a team leader for the Green Finance Task Force of the People’s Bank of China and the international coordinator for the Green Finance Task Force of the China Council for International Cooperation on Environment and Development (CCICED). Prior to joining WRI, Shouqing worked with multinational corporations, national governments, multilateral institutions and non-profit organisations in Asia, Europe, Australia and North America to develop and implement programs in areas of cross-border investment, regional economic development, greenhouse gas management, capacity building, and commercialization of cleantech. Shouqing holds an M.A. degree in World History from Peking University and an M.Phil. degree in Development Studies from the University of Cambridge. He also pursued doctoral research in banking regulation and management at the University of Melbourne. He is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) and Greenhouse Gas Inventory Quantifier (GHG-IQ).

Green Finance Revolution: China Can Lead

Can financing required to meet targets laid down in Paris be met? WRI’s Shouqing Zhu & Andrew Steer on how China can lead with five recommendations … more



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