Contributor: Sondra Kim

Sondra Kim

About Sondra Kim

Sondra is an environmentally-concerned writer and avid recycler. She currently lives and works in China, channelling her Master’s degree and Mandarin proficiency to sustainable lifestyle awareness. Her work has been published on, a leading global sustainability media platform and green lifestyle sections of, Chinese artist Yi Zhou’s digital mag. But everything started at Waste2Wear, where Sondra is a content writer. She shares the passions of the company about making the real impact and inspiring the eco-behavioural change across industries.

Fashion to Solve China’s Plastic Problem

With most PET made for fibres and not bottles, fashion is a big contributor to the plastic problem but it can also be part of the solution as Sondra Kim from Waste2Wear tells us. The company turns plastic waste into sustainable & high quality clothes … more



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