Contributor: Sophie le Clue

Sophie le Clue

About Sophie le Clue

Sophie is a Director of ADMCF and is responsible for the Foundation’s environmental investments, including the identification/evaluation of projects and aligning financial investment with strategic philanthropic objectives. Sophie has worked for the past 20 years in the field of environmental protection and conservation, principally in the Asia Pacific region. She started her career in the UK working in London for an international engineering consulting firm as an environmental consultant, before moving to Hong Kong in 1992. Since then, Sophie has directed and managed consultant teams working on a range of projects for both public and private sector organizations, including environmental impact assessments, environmental management, policy and strategy development, as well as undertaking research projects in the Asia Pacific region.

Something Fishy This Christmas?

Some may opt for fish as a healthier option but not all is well in the oceans. With depleting stocks of some species close to 60%, Sophie le Clue explains why seafood needs to be sustainable. See which to pick & avoid … more

Technology at a Price

This Christmas have you considered the environmental pollution caused by your new smart phone? An investigation by the Green Choice Alliance, found many IT company suppliers guilty of polluting China’s third largest freshwater lake … more

Storm Clouds Over Making Rain

Who owns the weather and the clouds, and has the right to the water contained therein? Sophie le Clue gives thought to the geopolitical risks of China’s cloud seeding programme … more

Stuff the Turkey

With rising affluence and food security issues, Sophie le Clue takes a look at the amount of water that went into serving up turkey and whether we should stuff it and be vegetarian … more

Hong Kong: Stepping Up Water Security?

Sophie le Clue looks at Hong Kong’s water security as demand on the Dongjiang River increases – are steps taken by government to address this sufficient? … more

In Pursuit of Standardisation

Sophie le Clue reviews the difficulty in standardising disclosure despite investor demand and company questionnaire fatigue … more

Water Treaties – A Question of Rights

Sophie le Clue gives an overview of the water treaty landscape; the abundance of bilateral and multilateral treaties, but notably China’s lack of presence in the field. … more

Geopolitical Risks: Transboundary Rivers

China owns headwaters to at least 10 major transboundary rivers but has no formal agreements with neighbours on these. Sophie le Clue explores increasing tensions in South and SE Asia. … more



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